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Company Profile

Introducing Data Nine...

Data Nine Inc.

Software Solutions For Long Term Care


Mission Statement:

At Data Nine we believe that a value cherished by society is to provide high quality, long term care for individuals who are not able to care for themselves. We are committed to assist long term care staff to serve their residents by providing cost effective, easily mastered software programs that meet the information management needs of their facility.

History of the firm:

In 1995, the former Director of Nursing at the Grand Manan Nursing Home in New Brunswick approached Data Nine's president, requesting a computer program to facilitate care planning, record keeping, and reporting for total resident care.  Resident Information Manager (RIM) was released the following year. Because of its demonstrated benefits, in 1997 RIM was chosen by the Information Technology Committee of the New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes as the only authorized computerized care plan for use in that province. Subsequently, it was installed in 58 nursing homes in New Brunswick

Today in addition to the facilities in New Brunswick, we also have several facilities in Nova Scotia.

Message from the Executive Officer:

"It is exciting to serve the needs identified by long term health care professionals, and to provide management systems that make a difference. Our products are created in concert with administrators and staff of nursing homes ~ tested through on-site pilot projects ~ and fine tuned to meet the requirements specific to the senior care industry. Our commitment to produce quality programs and to provide superior service is second to none, and we take great pride in the relationships we have established in the long term care sector over the past decade or so."

William Edgar

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