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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Nine Inc.


Software Solutions For Long Term Care

Below are some commonly asked questions about our programs.

Q. Once I get the program, how do I put it in place in my facility?

A. We are there with you. We consult with all our clients on a one-on-one basis to help you develop an implementation strategy. We know what has worked and what hasn't and we are happy to share our experience with you. We can assist with recommendations on hardware specifications, networking, workplace modifications, data entry and training. It's important to have RIM up and running quickly and smoothly. We provide support every step of the way.

Q. What happens if I have a question about how to do something or don't know if a problem is caused by software or hardware?

A. Please call 1-888-243-1900. Unlimited support during 9:00 am to 5 pm (AST). Your annual Maintenance Agreement covers this service.

Q. Is there any chance of RIM becoming outdated?

A. No need to worry about RIM becoming obsolete. We are constantly working to keep RIM current with the changing needs of long term care facilities. We receive feedback from indivudual customers as well as from the RIM User Group.  Upgrades are included in the maintenance agreement.

Q. What if we'd like a change made to RIM?

A. Got an idea how RIM can be improved? Tell us! RIM was conceived by long term care staff. Data Nine's role was to listen and develop RIM according to their requests. We continue to develop RIM the same way today. If you have an idea that will benefit others as well as you, we would be very happy to include it in future versions.

Q. What if one of our residents transfers to another facility?

A. Transfer of resident information between homes using RIM takes only seconds! With a few clicks of the mouse the receiving facility will have their new resident information in their system.

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